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Aquatic Therapy

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Next Step Physical Therapy provides aquatic enhanced therapy because there are many people who find it very difficult to move efficiently and effectively on land.  Aquatics is not a form of therapy, it is just where you receive your care for a portion of your time.  You are lighter in water and can achieve tasks easier and with less pain while in water.Aquatic Therapy

For example: A 200-pound person will weigh approximately 20 pounds when submerged up their neck in water.  Think about how well you could move if you weighed only 20 pounds and had something such as water to slow your fall, if stability was lost.  It is our preferred tool for most of our work.

There are many years of research and experience that indicates water to be a useful tool in treating people who cannot bear 100% of there weight upon their spine of lower extremities. Our experience indicates that everyone we have put in water has benefited in some form.

Water temperature plays a big part in the process because it buffers pain and effects heat exchange between your body and the environment.  Those who suffer from orthopedic conditions generally respond well to warmer water, whereas those who have neurological dysfunction may respond to cool water in buffering the pain.


Working in water helps the therapist and patient to identify inappropriate muscle recruitment, [Tension] Paradoxical breathing, [Shallow breathing] and compensatory movement in response to pain [limping, hunching, etc].  Relaxation and stretching in warm water enables individuals to develop control over these issues with an improved mindset as the pain is usually buffered while in warm water, and shows the patient that movement does not always have to hurt.

Arthritis and Muscle Tone

Water gives anyone the opportunity to move better and longer, resulting in true initiation of cardio exercise, muscular development and range of motion therapy.  Water having accommodating properties means you can control resistance with speed, and being submersed in water lets one develop resistance patterns in natural range and function patterns without the stresses of gravity.

Balance Control and Gait Training

Water serves as the perfect tool for balance control training because we move slower in water with more deliberate movement and without the risk of falling and injuring ourselves. This translates to patient comfort, assistance with stability while submersed, and a means of safe recovery if stability is lost.  Gait training performed in water allows the patient to extend their gait length without risk of fall injury and stresses associated with this activity on land.

Our Aquatic Therapy Pool:

Our PoolAn Endless Pool is our pool of choice. Equipped with dual propulsion adjustable current generators, these generators provide a block of current specifc to when it is needed.  A large flat rubberized floor with markings makes it a very good place to work. The pools is also surrounded by in-water benches, to allow patients to rest when needed.

However, it's not just the pool that sets us apart. Our water is tested every six minutes, via a technologically advanced automated water quality system. This system allows our chlorine levels to remain consistent throughout the day. With a constant feed system, we can keep our chlorine levels at a reasonably low, yet highly effective ratio, giving patients an odor free and more comfortable, safe experience.

We are equipped with a aquatic access patient lift for those whom are unable to enter the pool on their own power. Private Bathrooms with showers and lockers are the standard.  We are ADA compliant and friendly.


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